Rose Quartz

Spiritual Healing Properties

Rose Quartz awakens unconditional love and compassion inside us and asks us to use that energy to bless the world. It encourages us to ask the hard questions and to realize the simple answer. Who deserves our love? Who deserves mercy? Who deserves kindness, dignity and goodwill? All of us. Yes, all of us. This kindness is not only for other people; everyone of us, including YOU, are part of all of us. Rose Quartz asks us to cherish and uplift all beings. It has a warm and bright energy that acts like a hug and a smile, and gives us a feeling of deep contentment and bright possibility. When held during prayer or meditation Rose Quartz dissolves boundaries, allowing us to more fully embrace divine union and Nirvana. Its energy resonates with the profound teachings of heart-centered spiritual masters, such as Jesus Christ, Kwan Yin, and Amma.

Emotional Healing Properties

Rose Quartz is the quintessential stone for all things related to love – including self love, romantic love, family and platonic love, as well as community and global love. If you need a love stone for any purpose under the sun, Rose Quartz will gladly assist you. It gleefully helps us to attract new people to love and encourages us to welcome newcomers into our lives. Rose Quartz happily teaches us how to nurture our existing relationships. It shows us that when we love people unconditionally, we allow them to breath deeply and to let their true selves come out to play. With love, all things become possible. If our hearts have been broken, this gem wraps us up in a cocoon of love and allows us to work through our emotions at our own speed. It asks us to believe that eventually love will find us again. It whispers into our heart that the past is the past, our future has delicious adventures still in store. Rose Quartz celebrates every time our heart is brave and generous. It encourages us to continually GIVE love joyfully and wisely and to continually receive LOVE with grace and delight.

Mental Healing Properties

Rose Quartz sings of forgiveness and compassion. It can help us to intellectually understand where another person is coming from and why a situation has occurred. With this understanding, we can then truly accept “what is” and know what to do next. Rose Quartz encourages us to respond to injustice with clear communication and nonviolent protests. But if violence erupts, Rose Quartz pushes to look beyond the violence and into the aching heart that is reacting from fear and anger. Rose Quartz reminds us that it is a relatively easy thing to love those who are similar to us, who behave the way we wish and whom we already love. It is a far greater challenge to love the stranger, the enemy and anyone who provokes fear or anger in our own heart. But what else are we here for, if not to learn how to love and to become a force of goodness and Light? Sometimes the lessons will be sweet and sometimes the lessons will be challenging. But the answer to all lessons is the same – Love. Rose Quartz shows us that the Highest Good is always served by acting out of real love, which may manifest as self-love or as love for another.

Physical Healing Properties

Rose Quartz loving energy makes it a perfect stone for people in the middle stages of life when there are often many demands on our time and energy. Rose Quartz encourages couples to come together in love and desire, making it a potent fertility talisman. But, if there are fertility complications, it reminds us that our goal is to have someone to love, rather than insisting it has to happen in a certain way or at a certain time. If children are born with disabilities, Rose Quartz helps us rearrange our thoughts about what raising children should look like. It reminds us that LOVE is what matters, and all the rest is just details. It is also a sweet talisman if we are caring for elderly relatives, particularly those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. It helps us to stay patient and to do what is best for our loved ones. Whether we are caring for a newborn or those at the end of life, Rose Quartz helps us to be gentle and kind. For ourselves, Rose Quartz reminds us to take good care of our own body, including beauty regiments to keep our skin, teeth and hair healthy. It is also an excellent talisman for heart health.