Emotional Healing Properties

Green Jade has a calm, soothing energy that helps us to look on the bright side and not be discouraged by difficulties. Green Jade attracts true friends and loyal partners, helping us build a strong emotional support system. It reminds us to actively love and nurture the important people in our lives – including our own self! Green Jade is also very good for healing dysfunctional relationships when both people are dedicate to the process, for example, a couple undergoing marriage counseling. But, when only one person is willing to do the work for a healthy relationship, Green Jade encourages us to stop giving the unhealthy relationship our attention and energy. Instead, Green Jade reminds us that we are self-sufficient in ourselves and worthy of true love. It asks us to give our energy to relationships that feed our heart and soul. When we focus on giving and receiving emotional nourishment like this, our lives naturally become playful and peaceful.

Mental Healing Properties

Green Jade has a thoughtful energy, helping us to see situations clearly and objectively, and not be distracted by habitual negative thinking. It is a hopeful stone, but also one that encourages us to look at life from a logical point of view, to see systems and patterns, and problem solve accordingly. Green Jade encourages tolerance, inclusiveness, and practicality. It helps us to break down complex ideas into smaller and more manageable chunks, so they can be acted upon more easily. Green Jade is also a stone of sudden inspiration, that “Eureka!” moment of understanding which moves us into positive action.

Physical Healing Properties

Green Jade is recommended for anyone who needs to prioritize the health of the kidneys, spleen and other parts of the digestive and elimination systems. Green Jade reminds us that in order to have peace and wellbeing in our life, we have to continually filter out the waste which can accumulate over time. This can mean filtering out toxic people and removing ourselves from ongoing toxic situations, as well as making sure that literal waste products are effectively expelled by the body. Green Jade is also a fantastic talisman for the adrenal glands, which are located right above the kidneys, and help us to respond to stress and regulate our metabolism and immune system. Green Jade reminds us to take practical action to remove unnecessary stress from our lives so that our adrenal glands aren’t exhausted or, at the very least, have a real chance to recover. Green Jade is also a good talisman for anyone with an autoimmune disorder that is triggered in part by stress. Because of its associations with good luck, Green Jade is also recommended for anyone actively trying to get pregnant.