Spiritual Healing Properties

Citrine has one of the most powerful energies of all crystals. It purifies the energy of everything around it, and is one of the few “self-cleansing crystals” capable of maintaining its own brilliant energy field. Citrine is a potent tool for manifestation, helping us to know our desires and ask the Divine to guide our actions and lead us to success. When the road is difficult, Citrine lends us strength and banishes feelings of heaviness and darkness from our spirit, replacing it with vibrant golden light.

Emotional Healing Properties

Citrine’s energy is exceptionally joyful and happy, making it one of the most useful stones to use to treat depression and anxiety. Its purifying energy helps protect us from being drained by difficult situations or people. Furthermore, it can help us to set and maintain clear emotional boundaries so that we don’t need to rely on its protection. It helps us to see that it is ok to say “no” and also to be clear about what we WANT rather than merely focused on the minimum we NEED to survive. Citrine encourages us to think and feel clearly about what is necessary for our happiness and to confidently do the work necessary to bring that about. It teaches us that when we do the work, we are properly entitled to enjoy the result.

Mental Healing Properties

Citrine’s purifying energy helps us to keep our thoughts clear and clean, so we can make good decisions and put them into action immediately. It helps us to rapidly digest complex information, particularly as related to power, boundaries, and manifestation. Citrine helps us to organize our thoughts into those which serve us, and those which do not, and to quickly discard those that do not. It is particularly helpful for helping us to understand and move past any mental blocks dealing with money. It helps us to let go of feelings of being “undeserving” or the erroneous belief that money is “evil.” Instead, Citrine shows us that money buys marshmallows and builds hospitals, and can therefore be considered a “good thing” worthy of being gathered, saved, spent, and enjoyed.

Physical Healing Properties

Citrine is recommended for anyone who feels sluggish and wants the crystal equivalent of a shot of espresso. Citrine’s happy and bouncy energy can help us to smile and do what needs to be done, both in the short term and in the long term. Citrine is a comforting talisman when we are dealing with problems affecting the digestive and elimination systems, particularly uncomfortable situations like a bladder infection or constipation. It is also a great talisman when we need to take better care of our endocrine system, particularly the thyroid. Citrine helps us to stay hopeful and act sensible. Citrine can be a good talisman for someone suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, as long as care it taken to be realistic and not expect overnight miracles. When used pragmatically, Citrine can help us to celebrate each milestone reached and to have endurance for a long healing journey.